What to expect when you come to Les toits du monde (The Roofs of the sky)?

Les Toits du monde are trying to combine a nature experience with its rustic side and above all ecological ( no electricity, no running water , dry toilets or compost walking on a path through the woods to reach accommodation ) with a minimum comfort ( mattresses, pillows, wood stove, propane stove and cooking equipment ) .
Philosophy of Les toits du monde is respect for nature, the environment but also respect of the site, its owners and all the equipment at your disposal .
Our company is a family business and we are constantly working to develop it. We take time and lots of fun to welcome our guests and love, when the opportunity present during their stay, share more time with them, despite all the workload necessary for the management and development of it.
Each accomodation is independent , and guests need to be comfortable with this independancy if they want to ensure they enjoy their experience at Les toits du monde .
We also work on sustainable use of our forest, carefully selecting trees to be felled , such as the growth of other annoying or those showing signs of disease , to make firewood , furniture, accommodation , etc. We deliberately let in some strains forest , dead trees if they pose no danger to participate in the food chain of wildlife and flora , allowing just the life of fungi, insects , birds and many other species yet .
To summarize Les toits du monde are not an all-inclusive , or a golf course but are closer glamping that is nature tourism that offers unusual and some comfort while remaining in an eco- responsible approach. If this philosophy speak, or you are interested or even intrigue you know that nothing will make us more pleasure to meet you , to welcoming you and share with you the values ​​that we believe beautiful !

What should we do to book accommodation ?

Simply call us at 819-278-0483 with your namne, phone number, adress, credit card number and expiration date of the card.

Are pets allowed ?

Yes you can take your dog or cat to condition never leave it unattended in accommodation and bring you responsible for any damage caused by the animal
Also pets are allowed for hiking lac des grandes baies or the Wildlife Reserve Papineau-Labelle, near Les Toits Du Monde.

What is a basic shower ?

In the treehouse, rustic shower is composed of a pressurized water reservoir and a standard shower tray except that it is made of wood.
Just fill tank with water at the desired temperature, and pump to pressure. The water then goes into the pipe, and runs when you press the trigger of the shower head.
The tipi and yurt they have an outdoor camping shower, that is to say a solar pocket that fills with water (can be heated beforehand), usable only from spring to autumn.

What is included in each hosting?

You will find all this information on our accommodation in the right hand side pictures..

What should I bring when visiting Les toits du monde?

We will send you a list of things to bring in your booking confirmation. An important thing to remember, all accommodation is located in the woods between 300 and 600m from the parking lot. So you have to walk along a path to reach accommodation.
Be light, carry nothing superfluous, choose backpacks rather than suitcases. Coolers and ice are available if you need it. However, if you have too much gears, carts or sleds are available..