Winter activities

In the area

(free activity, equipment not provided):

The Lac des Grandes Baies Centre located 20 minutes from Nominingue offers 25 km of tracks across the Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve. Even the Parc Le Renouveau offers 6 km tracks in a charming environment.

Cross-country skiing
(free activity, equipment not provided):

Enjoy 25 km of Nordic skiing trails (marked trails) in the Lac des Grandes Baies centre (20 minutes away from Nominingue) and more than 8 kilometres of groomed tracks in the Parc Le Renouveau in Nominingue.

(free activity, equipment not provided):

If you feel like hockeying or simply ice-skating, you have the choice between Nominingue’s skating area or a nice ice ring on the Lac des Grandes Baies (20 minutes away from Nominingue).

Dog sledding/ Ice fishing/Trapping/Winter camping:

Consult our Packages for further details.

A bit further from us:

Ice climbing (equipment provided):

Experience this unusual adventure with the best guides in the region (30 minutes away from Nominingue). Don’t forget to book early!


For a few hours or a day, guided or alone, you can rent snowmobiles and drive hundreds of kilometres on the existing tracks in the region. An exciting experience awaits you at the rental place located 30 minutes from Nominingue!

Alpine skiing:

Located forty minutes from Nominingue, the Mont-Tremblant huge ski area or last but not least, the cheaper Mont-Blanc ski area will offer you great winter sensations!